A Bias For Action


We know Washington, especially Capitol Hill.  We help clients develop a strategy, the best message, and the access to meet directly with legislators and their staff.  More often than not we supplement and strengthen -- not wholly replace -- a client's lobbying team. Our services include gathering political intelligence, developing or enhancing a congressional game plan, crafting materials, preparing clients for hearings, and arranging and attending meetings.   Of course, the federal bureaucracy is where most of the work of government actually gets done.  We frequently team with scientists, regulatory affairs experts and attorneys to develop and execute smart programs designed to accelerate, dissuade, or mediate the pending actions of the FDA, EPA, DoD, Energy, Interior and numerous other agencies.

Perhaps the most powerful - yet most neglected - principle of advocacy communications of any type is: It can't be just about you.  That's because the first question any elected official, regulator, policymaker, et al. asks when confronted with a political decision is, "Who's for it and who's against it?"  Our greatest strength as an agency is mobilizing groups and individuals - the right people - to weigh in on your behalf.  Call it ally mobilization; call it coalition building; call it grassroots or grasstops lobbying.  By whatever name, we have the contacts, the experience, the technical skill and creativity to identify, recruit and deploy credible, articulate and motivated allies.  These aren't just silent supporters; their support is tangibly manifest: in media placements, on TV, online, in-person, before legislators, at hearings, at conferences or wherever the fight may be.

Too many companies and nonprofits allow issues to manage them.  It's understandable given the almost unlimited opportunity of NGOs, trial attorneys, the news media, competitors and, increasingly, Internet and social media rumors to advance incendiary and often misleading concerns about your organization and its conduct and products.  Taking charge, or at least steering the issue in a positive direction, is where we excel.  This often involves the savvy combination of offense and defense: Positioning the organization as "part of the solution," while knocking down misinformation.  Today, effective issues management isn't just about rapid response; it's an ongoing function, and one we can help you institute.

Forget whatever notions you may have about tedious training sessions and droning instructors.  We don't do that; nor do we rely on off-the-shelf PowerPoint presentations cluttered with worn out platitudes.  Every training we do is tailored to the uniqueness of each individual client.  We analyze their situation, help craft the right message, and enable every trainee to reach their full potential.  Whether it's a high-stakes TV interview, congressional testimony, shareholders meeting, or employee town hall, we help you or your spokesperson enter the fray prepared, confident, and ready to perform.

Even given the accession of social media, very little today surpasses the impact of a front-page news story, a national cable interview, a well-placed op-ed, or a steady drumbeat of positive media coverage.  Our strength is helping clients shape the story and gain positive, targeted media coverage, either in Washington or about Washington-based issues.  We know the outlets; we know many of the reporters, bookers and editors; we have also have strong relationships with the pundits whose commentary is featured in leading policy publications, Hill newspapers, blogs and editorial pages of major dailies and online news sites.  Moreover, we provide the full package: from messaging, to training, to engagement, to placement - we convert your positions and priorities into profile-raising media coverage.  The kind that can strengthen your voice in Washington.

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