How do I raise my media profile in Washington?


How do I raise my media profile in Washington?

We probably don’t need to tell you that the Washington media market is a very crowed, competitive place. So, if you are expecting to get extensive press coverage for your well-reasoned policy position, forget about it! The media’s not interested in your “facts.” What they are interested in is 1) a novel, dramatically stated idea, especially if it challenges orthodoxy, 2) that you can associate with real-world people and impacts, and 3) you can articulate via a media-savvy spokesperson who is available 24-7 to talk to virtually any reporter or blogger. In short, the way to get on TV is to be on TV. Bookers want someone who is predictably good—and that means pithy, provocative, polished and, most of all, available. They want someone who will take a side and intelligently fight for it. Either be prepared to enter the fray, or seek out other venues to promote your point-of-view.

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