How do I build support for my issue?


How do I build support for my issue?

It starts with connecting your interests with the interests of others. Unless you already represent a broad swath of the public, you’ll need to demonstrate that people who matter are just as motivated as you are to achieve mutually beneficial change. That calls for more than a message; it requires a narrative that resonates with deeply held beliefs and values, and ignites pre-existing political passions. You then must recruit “issue warriors” who will articulate the issue, lead the charge, and help to attract other supporters. With this core in place, leverage early successes—and the appearance of momentum—to build out your coalition and mobilize a diverse, credible and energized cadre of interests. Peaking at the right time is essential, but stay at it. Most political fights are marathons, not sprints. “Outlasting the other side” is a decidedly unglamorous strategy, but often the most essential.

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