Ally Mobilization


Ally Mobilization

Perhaps the most powerful - yet most neglected - principle of advocacy communications of any type is: It can't be just about you.  That's because the first question any elected official, regulator, policymaker, et al. asks when confronted with a political decision is, "Who's for it and who's against it?"  Our greatest strength as an agency is mobilizing groups and individuals - the right people - to weigh in on your behalf.  Call it ally mobilization; call it coalition building; call it grassroots or grasstops lobbying.  By whatever name, we have the contacts, the experience, the technical skill and creativity to identify, recruit and deploy credible, articulate and motivated allies.  These aren't just silent supporters; their support is tangibly manifest: in media placements, on TV, online, in-person, before legislators, at hearings, at conferences or wherever the fight may be.

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